Paroles U DNT DSRV IT de Chongaz

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  • Artiste: Chongaz42641
  • Chanson: U DNT DSRV IT
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Textes et Paroles de U DNT DSRV IT

We're off the hook, you're out of luck,
that hoochie momma, she's a sitting duck
she's my next victim, my targets in sight,
gonna take her home and ride her tonight,
gonna go on over, act real cool,
show her my collection of polished tools,
she'll dig the spikes, she'll dig old mike
But oh shit whats that, there's another guy?

Man, that girl is proper fit,
but oh my god, you dont deserve it,
Man, they're some whopping tits,
but oh my god, you don't deserve it!

Indie motherfucker with a curly perm,
man, that rump you dont deserve,
I bet you haven't got an Ak 48
and I bet you haven't been to the capital of Kuwait
if you give me a chance, I'll show you a good time,
i'll make you scream, I'll make you writh
I've wrestled bears with my bare hands,
I've protected and served, is it cause I dont have a tan?
how can you dig him, he's not even a man
I bet he doesn't even listen to successful bands
Fuck this shit, im gonna text the boys,
and have this lucky bitch destroyed
Maybe one day, I'll find a lass,
With just as fine tits, and a nice round ass.

Man, you taunting me with this shit,
cause oh my god, you dont deserve it,
Man, they're some whopping tits,
jesus Christ, you don't deserve it!

This is nuts, this is crazy
You know you want a bit of this baby,
Dont you pretend you don't want it,
cause baby you're drop dead fit,
i mean who the fuck are the hoosiers,
do they have beats as dirty as this?
I see that name on your shirt,
you couldn't resist if i started to flirt
once you go ginge you never go back,
so sit daddy's knee and have a feel in my sack,
whoa baby this is unreal as fuck,
that fake bitch dickhead is out of luck
when the boys show you a real man,
and show you the definition of a successful band.
You hear me? You fear me?
You hear me? You fear me?
Bring it on.

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