Paroles How Low Can You Go de Chris Brown

Chris Brown
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  • Artiste: Chris Brown3801
  • Chanson: How Low Can You Go
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Textes et Paroles de How Low Can You Go

Hey shawty lil mama come here are you tryna take a ride with me
Twerk somethin' shake a lil bit shake a lil bit bit for me
Stop frontin' cause you know you really want this
So when I get up on you doe you gotta show (how low can you go)
No need for the games and teasin'
Come up out them vicky secrets
If I lick on ya neck down down to your belly button girl would you let me see it
Oh oh if I give it to you will you throw it back
Everytime I hit it hit it from the back
I wanna pull your hair but I know they tracks

Nice and slow one on one
You on all fours girl that's all I want
So shake somethin somethin shake somethin somethin for me [x2]

How low can you go [x8]
Go low l-lower than you know [x3]
Lower than you know l-lower than you know

Got her on deck for the weekend
She black and puerto rican
Got a friend who's persian
But both of them be freakin'
But when I'm all up in it
I don't I don't know what they be speakin
Even though they speakin english I can't tell through all the screamin
Like yeah!
And all I see is booty everywhere
Cause shawty got an ass from here to there yeah
I'll supply the pole and u jus drop it low



Excuse me big booty judy
My doors go up on my car so hop up in my 2 seat
No your not a groupie
Go ahead seduce me
Drop it low bring it down girl let's make a movie


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