Paroles Bimbo Girl de Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles
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  • Artiste: Chris Moyles13947
  • Chanson: Bimbo Girl
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Textes et Paroles de Bimbo Girl

Hiya Bimbo
Oh sod off
You wanna go for a ride
Look I've told you
Come on
Just 'cause I'm a girl, does not mean I'm a bimbo
I have blonde hair, that means you care
I just have to smile, your pants stick out a mile
You think you can have me, you sad pervy
Come on silly, touch my - Leave it
I look like a doll, some say quite horrible
But you like me, I'm a bike-me
Come here for a ride,you've something you can't hide
I know what you men are, have you got a tenner
I'm a sad bimbo girl, the thickest in the world
I am dim, I am thick and I'm easy
You're a doll, rock and roll, your fake breasts will explode
And at school, you failed your GCSE
But I'm nice, and I'm cute
And I like the smell of brut
I'm a bimbo girl, in a bimbo world
Yes I'm tempting, but my head is empty
You can buy me stuff, three cars is not enough
'Cause you really want me, I'll spend all your money
Come on bimbo, let's go limbo
Just get stuffed
Come on bimbo, let's go limbo
Come on bimbo, let's go limbo
I've forgotten the question
Come on bimbo, let's go limbo
Erm... what
I am just a nice girl and my hair is in curls
And I know it looks blonde, but I dyed it
You look good, you look neat, I'm hungry, let me eat
Page ninteen of this book, can we try it
You get stuffed, you sad prat
I will break if I do that
I can't bend in that way
I'm not coming out to play

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