Paroles Chas 'n' Dave de Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles
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  • Chanson: Chas 'n' Dave
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Textes et Paroles de Chas 'n' Dave

Oh you and me (Yes)
We've been around forever (We 'ave)
We're always seen together (We are)
Always ('aint that the truth mate)
I can't believe (What)
That you would do the dirty (Me)
You've really gone and hurt me
Today (Whats the problem then)
I feel as though (Yeah, You wot)
Ought to know
That if it's true then you'd just better go
(Me) Yeah you
Shut it (What)
I know what you're saying (Oh yeah)
But I 'aint been playin' (Huh)
With your better half (I think you have mate)
You're joking - Leave it (Eh)
Watch who you're accusing (Or else)
Else you'll get a bruising (Oh yeah)
So don't make me laugh
Drum solo ... Fantastic
Her mammaries (Yes)
Are really quite inviting (You're not wrong)
I saw you take a liking (Me)
Last week (She's got plenty up top though 'aint she)
That's when I (When you what)
I heard her sigh (Yeah)
With her head in your lap just near your fly
(Mine) Yes yours
Shut it (Oi)
I know what you're saying (What am I saying)
But I 'aint been playin' (We know you have)
With your better half (You lying so and so)
You're joking - Leave it (Oh yeah)
I 'aint gonna oil her (What)
Your old girl's a boiler (What you saying)
Don't you make me laugh

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