Paroles Paganhorns de Christ Agony

Christ Agony
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  • Artiste: Christ Agony5513
  • Chanson: Paganhorns
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Textes et Paroles de Paganhorns

My love is the guardian of the light
Far beyond the light...
The gloom is the essence of blood
Lurking in our eyes
We rule the death
In the garden of the crucified ones..
In the garden of condemnated ones
We are the liberators..

Eternal hate

Our feeling is the doom of the demons
Sleeping in inexpressible shapes..
The essence of violation hidden in thy beauty
Hidden in bloody sensual pleasure..

Landscape of the night
Plentitude of Wildness
Landscape of the night
Plentitude of Wildness

It is
Our lips shrouded in moonlight...

Night of the burning crosses

It is
In the ritual of the anointed ones
In the ceremony of crucyfying the truth
Our lips shrouded in moonlight..

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