Paroles Loving me 4 me de Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera
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  • Chanson: Loving me 4 me
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Textes et Paroles de Loving me 4 me

People ask if I'm in love with you
Cause I'm sitting here with your picture and smilin' to myself (I smile)
I'm kinda lost in my own thoughts of you
My heart speaks before my mind thinks through,and I blush as I say yes

What a feeling of vulnerability comin' over me
And I'm feeling weak and I can't speak (speak)
I can't think
Never thought I'd give in so willingly to a human being
Makes me wanna say

Your lips,your eyes,your smile,your kiss
I must admit it's a part of me
You please me,complete me,filing me
Like a melody
Your soul,your flow,your youth,your truth is simply proof
We were meant to be
But the best quality that's hookin' me is that you're lovin' me 4 me
Is that you're lovin' me 4 me

Now people ask why I'm in love with you
Well let me start by sayin you got my heart by just bein' who you are
And what we got is between me and you
Doesn't matter 'bout the money I make or what I do,or that I'm a star

Unconditionally you're there for me
Undeniably you inspire me,spiritually,so sweet
This is meaningful,it's incredible,pleasurable,unforgettable
The way I feel,so sweet,makes me wanna say


It's so amazing how something so sweet has come and rearranged my life
I've been kissed by destiny,oh heaven came and saved me
An angel was placed at my feet,this isn't ordinary
He's loving me 4 me


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