Paroles This Is My Life de Chrome

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  • Artiste: Chrome18645
  • Chanson: This Is My Life
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Textes et Paroles de This Is My Life

[Intro: x2]
This Is My Pain I Know You Feelin Me Nigga. My Stress, This Some Real Shit Nigga, My Block Nigga I Gotta
Hold It Down, My Fight An I Ain't Tryin To Lose Nigga.

[Verse 1:]
This Is My Life, My Stress, My Guilt. I Done Seen Alot Of Things Since A Youn Nigga Been Here. Ever Since My
Momma Passed Like My Family Ain't Strong. But God With Us All We Juz Gotta Hold On, He Left Me To Lead I
Can't Go The Wrong Route So Every Word Im Speakin You Can Feel Out My Mouth. My Dad Wasn't Home On The
Real I Feel Fuck Em Thas Prolly Why The Chrome Was A Bad Muthafucka I Had To Grow Up Fast Didn't Depend On
None Other I Seperate The Real From The Fake An The Suckas My Baby Girl Sick Her Momma Act Like She Don't
Love Her Im Beefin With My Brother But Hes Simply Undercova

Cuz This Is My Pain, My Stress, My Guilt, My Time, My Fame, My Shame, Plus Its Real And The Feel My Hood,
My Block, My City, My Turf, My Fight, My Struggle On Da Real Ya'll Dis Is My Life, My Pain, My Stress, My
Guilt, My Time, My Fame, My Shame, Plus Its Real And The Feel My Hood, My Block, My City, My Turf, My
Fight, My Struggle On Da Real

[Verse 2:]
This Is My City, My Turf, My Struggle I Would Take To Keep It Gutter Then Lugged Out Brotha Was Raised At The
Bottom With A No Patna Piss In Didn't Have Alot Friends But My Brother And The Pen My Cuz Up State Cuz The
Judge Gave Em Ten And I Was Only Twelve Tryin Get My Ass In My Big Cuz Tooty Say Nigga Be A Man You Gotta
Stay Focused To Survive In The Game Don't Never Let A Nigga Score Points Off Your Name An Fuck These Hoes
Prot The Hoes Wit A Chain I Took It Ran Wit It Said Fuck The Cocaine I Learned To Be A Mane Now Im Doin Da
Damn Thing


[Verse 3:]
This Is My Time Since The Fame Like Change I Was Type To Keep It Real Never Switchin Up My Lanes Before I
Even Knew It I Was Made A Grown Mane I Know I Should Be Dead But Instead Im Gettin Chain My Momma
Say My Mouth Prolly Would Get Me Killed But Ima Be A Man Even If My Blood Spill The Hoes Say A Nigga Only
In It For The Money Some Want Me Dead With Their Hand In The Honey.


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