Paroles Secret de Ciara

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  • Artiste: Ciara2566
  • Chanson: Secret
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Textes et Paroles de Secret

[VERSe 1:]
He on that hood shit, yea that's that good shit
Keep it on the low, and he knows how to do it
Nobody knows cause it's our little secret
He's a real G so he knows how to keep it
We got our own spot that nobody knows about
We ain't gotta worry about nobody comin over
Call his cell phone, he'll be there when I need him
Creep on some evenings, chill on the the weekends

Yea, yea this is how we kick it
Love it when we kick it
I wish that we could do this all the time
Save up every minute, whatever I'm with it
Plus I know he'll keep it on the hush
Nobody has to know, just keep it on the low hush
We can do all the things we want, just keep it on the low
Keep it secret [x3]

[VERSe 2:]
My homegirls telling me, I really wanna see him
Tryna sticka round, cause she really wanna meet him
But I'm asking her, what time is she leaving
Talk to you later, girl you gotta go go go
She don't need to know know know
And baby ooh were having so much fun
And baby ooh creeping one on one
And maybe we can ride off in your truck
Tinted windows can't see us, while the beat is going slow


Baby, baby ooh I wanna see you
Where can I come meet you
Baby come creep through ay through ay ooh ay you ay
And there ain't many like you
That's why I like you
Homeboy I'd like to be right beside you ay you ay you ay you I can't wait


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