Paroles The Troll de Cirith Ungol

Cirith Ungol
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  • Artiste: Cirith Ungol8369
  • Chanson: The Troll
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Textes et Paroles de The Troll

Hides under a bridge,
Where he can t be seen.
Huddled under a bankside,
Staring into a stream.
Wanna cross this bridge,
Well better be aware.
There is a brown hairy troll,
Gonna give you a scare.

Yea, I'm the troll,
This is my bridge,
Go turn around,
Back through the ridge.
Yea, I 'm the troll,
Don t you even dare,
Yea, I'm the troll,
Gonna get you there,

Monster from beneath.
Bastard of grief,
Such a sad sigh,
Does he wanna die?
In a mind of fear,
The troll lives in my mind.
I must forget this fear of regret.

The Troll

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