Paroles Droplets de Cluster

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  • Artiste: Cluster32068
  • Chanson: Droplets
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Textes et Paroles de Droplets

The waterfall's flowing down
I remember the sound
of a melody i heard,
it goes like this..
la la la la la..

A ruined garden before my eyes,
a high wall rifted by the years,
so blurry is the sight og its top.

Shining droplets
lie dying on the grass
but they give colour
to everything i see
like a milion tiny rainbows
filing the air.

Silence is there
i don't want to break the spell
of this incredible and
unforgettable place
i can't believe it's real.

The gurgles in the deep blue water,
the wind blows cushy clouds away and tepid is the earth to the touch.

Shining droplets
lie dying on the grass
but they give colour
to everything i see
to everything i see
and now suddenly
that melody starts again...
la la la la..

(Thanks to giorgio for these lyrics)

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