Paroles A 'Goodbye' To Analyze de Cold Front Attack

Cold Front Attack
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  • Chanson: A 'Goodbye' To Analyze
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Textes et Paroles de A 'Goodbye' To Analyze

Another arrow misses it's mark
One that I probably shouldn't have shot
I was already behind
But I just can't stand losing
So I'll give it all I've got

Another hour ticks away
One more I probably should've slept through
But I never get
A full night's sleep anyway
So I might as well face the day

I'll keep trying to get to you
Keep myself from ruining the mood
As clever as I could ever be
The lines never really meant anything

Another friendship begins it's decay
One I was warned of the risks but still started
So tie me in a knot
And watch me start to fray
I'll fall apart while you think of what to say
(Minus the flaws this time, replaced with clever lines)
Make this perfect
Delicate it with the touch to soothe
I was the reason to wake up
But you hit the snooze

Dream to forget
And I'll take it as a compliment

I'll keep trying to get to you
Keep myself from ruining the mood
As clever as I could ever be
The lines never really meant anything

Search for a meaning
Everytime I say something
Out loud or whisper in your ear
Eventually I'll say what you want to hear

So here's a 'goodbye' to analyze... (x4)

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