Paroles Once Upon The Motocross de Corpsefucking Art

Corpsefucking Art
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  • Artiste: Corpsefucking Art5447
  • Chanson: Once Upon The Motocross
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Textes et Paroles de Once Upon The Motocross

It sounds just like that other song...
But wait: it's motocross!!!!!
Make up your own lyrics for this song,
talk to yourselves about anything you want,
after all you won't even read the lyrics on this booklet.

....oh, so you are still reading?!
Once Upon The Motocross,
that sport where you ride a bike
and mud smears the crowd.

How do you fancy making some interactive lyrics,
you decide what they're about,
and we play the instruments for you to sing over.
Once Upon The Cross,
we're here just to amuse you,
and to amuse ourselves.

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