Paroles Freakin' All Night de Crackout

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  • Artiste: Crackout5178
  • Chanson: Freakin' All Night
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Textes et Paroles de Freakin' All Night

Everything becomes you
When you are not around
Can't sleep for thoughts about you
I wish you'd come down

I'd put my arms around you
And things will drift away
And all the hours will fall right past you
Until its daylight

We're here in unison
'Cause it's where we belong
Until we wake up past the evening
And start again

Life goes on without us
'Cause we're just wasting time
Still here together laughing and full of life

And I won't betray you
And tell them what we do
'Cause I am not the type to do that
And I'll be right back kissing you

We're here in unison
'Cause it's where we belong
Until we wake up past the evening
And start again
Still believing this will never end
Past the evening and start again

We're freakin' all night
And it is alright
And you are so nice
For freakin' all night

Woo hoo!

I really can't believe this
To be here all this time
I guess it means I've found the answers
That I couldn't find

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