Paroles Over My Head de Crackout

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  • Artiste: Crackout5178
  • Chanson: Over My Head
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Textes et Paroles de Over My Head

It goes over my head
It goes over my head
I don't understand a word I said
Just went over my head
I can stick around me
I don't want this to be
Walk right over and get it for free
I can stick around me

What a way for me to be myself
I'm a victory for my condition
Nothing real is here for something else
I can get away to reposition

I'm astounded I can do it alone
You're around and I'm not ready to go
Too completely off my face and alone
Its all I lie around

I've got somewhere to go
I don't want you to know
Stop believing I'm going too slow
I've got somewhere to go

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