Paroles Gave Me The Clap de Crash Romeo

Crash Romeo
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  • Artiste: Crash Romeo14712
  • Chanson: Gave Me The Clap
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Textes et Paroles de Gave Me The Clap

I wanna see you clap your hands
I wanna feel it
Can you feel it? (yeah)
I wanna see you rip my heart out
And give it back to me
The way it used to be
(Well good luck with that)

I wanna see you lying here
For the world to see
You scream over onwards back to me

I tried and I tried but my arms couldn't reach
To appease your guilt,
Just wanna do it for, me

we will lead you on (lead you on)
we will lead you on (lead you on)

And you'll drop names like bombs
To anyone at all
That'll take a turn and turn
Discrediting, every word
That you said in worst regards to -
Everyone you can't compare too
Slay your head and scream (Yeah-y-Yeahh)


And no one had the heart to tell you
You're nothing but a pretty face
You're meaningless in the scheme of things
And everything you wanted to say
About the way I'd never change
So cut your losses
You made your own mistakes
(and it's too late)




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