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Crooked I
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  • Chanson: Guess Who's Back?
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Textes et Paroles de Guess Who's Back?

[feat. Snoop Dogg]

[Snoop Dogg:]
Guess who's back in the MothaF*ing house
Put a fat Di*K fo your MothaF*ing mouth
Holes reckng n ni99as do too
Cause when mitches get scandl'ous
N pull a voodoo
Whatcu gonna do?
You really dnt know
So why'd advise you not to trust that hoe
Silly of me to fall in love with a b*tch
Knowing damn well whn to caught up with mah grip
Now as the sun rotates n mah games roles bigga
How manny bitches wann fu*k this ni99a
Named snoop, doogie I'm allie, n abovie
I'm to swift on mah toes to get cught up with these hoes
But see, it ain't no fun if mah homies can't get a taste of it
Cause u know I don't luv it

[Da Brat:]
Oh, guess who's driving in the 5 double O
Like yippie I... yippie O... yeh
Whn I talk smack ya'll betta skip back like
Hea we go... cause the beat don't matta...

Cause you look so good I don't wanna let go
And though I should I can't leave you alone
Cause it's all disahonest caught up in the mist
Of you n I... cannot resist... headddonnn...

Boy if... I... do... the things u want me to... the way I used to do
Would you luv me baby... heat in feelin this
Did u know u breat mah heart?

Heart breaker you got the best of me
But I keep on coming back excesisvly
Oh why... did you have to run your game on me
I shoulda known, right, frum, the start
You'd go n break mah heart...

I need sumone to give me some reaL... love
I need sum... (said I need somebody... OOo why)

Oohh whyy... when I met you that nite baby
Didn't know it woulnt last...
I gave my love to you hunny...
Wish I could take it all back

[Warren G:]
... Cause I... have neva metta girl...
ThaAt... I loved in the whole... wide wooorrlld...

Well if kurrupt gave a fu*k about a bit*h I'd broke
I neva have no motha fuc*in end of the smoke
I guess lope n looney bectcha can't do me,
Do we look like B B D u hoochy groupie
I hve no luv for hoes thas sumthin that I learnd from the past
So how fu*k am I suppose, to pay this hoe
Jus to lay this hoe
I know the pu*sy's mine so I'm a fu*k a couple mo times
N' then I'm thru with it, there's nothin else to do with it
Pass it to the homie, now u hit it
Cause she ain't nothin but a bitch to me
And I know that bitches ain't shit to me, I gives a fuck,
Why don't you all pay attention, I'll post u with a different proposition
I'm Kurrpt, hoe
You'll neva be mah only one trick ass bitch...

It ain't not fun if the... hoomies can't haAve none...

[Da Brat]
Guess who's back in the motha fuck*n house
With two bigg ole giddi ti*ies fo your mouth
Heart breakers mus part takers the sensation
So so def n clue hits in the makin

[Warren G:]
Whoo... hey now ya know
Inhale with mah flow
One for the money
Two for the bitches
Three to get ready
N four to hit the switches
In mah chevy six for red to be exact
With bit*hes on mah side and bit*hes on mah back
So back up bitch because I'm struggling
Jus get on your knees n then start jugglin
These mutha fuc*in nuts in your mouth
It's me Warren G the ni99uh with the cloud

It ain't no fun... if the hommie can't... haave none

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