Paroles Build de Cubanate

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  • Artiste: Cubanate22434
  • Chanson: Build
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Textes et Paroles de Build

hey now got news for you
you're the week's new big sensation
gonna shine a light up your ass in self examination
I word process your words
I put them in your mouth
you never spoke them

time to build you up
time to knock you down

and if you pumped the pus from my brain
there'd be nothing left to keep my head together
I point my fingers at the ones who don't look right and don't act right
and I know I've got myself to blame

time to build you up
time to knock you down

hey, got news for you
you're the weeks big disappointment
better take your pills and shut up
how's that for a taste of the treatment?
and the world can bleed
and the world can burn
and all I'll offer you is in-consequence

time to build you up
time to knock you down

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