Paroles Yummy Mummy de Curry & Coco

Curry & Coco
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  • Artiste: Curry & Coco44327
  • Chanson: Yummy Mummy
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Textes et Paroles de Yummy Mummy

You're 46 and you're beautiful
Like an ancient greek ex-symbol,
Dancin' on your stilltoes,
You got me so hungry for you

I'm 25 and I'm so in love,
You've got me ready like a machine,
Standing with my champagne glass,
I bet you like some dirty talking

You're my yummy mummy!

I never felt like this before,
I would give my life to touch you,
I left the champagne for the rum,
And now I can make a move

I say - Young lady, you look pretty cool,
It's like an atomic bomb sensation!
Do you wanna go to my room?
And you slap me, to answer my question

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