Paroles E for Empty de Dan DeMarco

Dan DeMarco
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  • Artiste: Dan DeMarco51008
  • Chanson: E for Empty
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Textes et Paroles de E for Empty

The secret is I've been running on fumes for the past 10 minutes
And I need 10 bucks to move the needle from E to F
You should've told me sooner
Cuz now we're stuck in a moment of desperation
And we just don't have the cash

How many times have I cleaned out the reserves?

I need $20 for number 5 please
Thank you said the kind attendant and off I went
To repay the debt I made
Wasting gas listening to records and charging my phone

This car is old but it drinks in moderation
It's me the driver that keeps screwing up the balance

From A to B then back to E

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