Paroles Case Of The Tease de Dan Sweatt

Dan Sweatt
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  • Artiste: Dan Sweatt22591
  • Chanson: Case Of The Tease
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Textes et Paroles de Case Of The Tease

What we can't have, we just want more
Girls we can have are just a bore
We torture ourselves for no good reason
It's the same story every change of the season

I represent every guy that's ever been teased by a girl
So I guess I represent every guy in the world

You tell us one thing, and another you do
That doesn't stop us from wanting you
You are mean even if we say please
But that's ok, cuz it's just another case of the tease

You hold our hand, then walk away
Take your time and ruin our day
You say you think we're meant for you
But when we turn around you're hugging someone new

Pre (Repeat)
Chorus (Repeat)

We all feel used
We all feel abused
We're all scared of what you do

We've lost the words
We're lost in this world
All we want is to be with you

Pre (Repeat)
Chorus (Repeat Twice)

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