Paroles Too Much Of Nothing Is Not Enough de Dan Sweatt

Dan Sweatt
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  • Artiste: Dan Sweatt22591
  • Chanson: Too Much Of Nothing Is Not Enough
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Textes et Paroles de Too Much Of Nothing Is Not Enough

Verse 1:
Today I see you sitting away from everyone
I know you can't be happy and I know that can't be fun
But we have all been in that place before
We just had to look for something more

You can't just stay away from me
You know you want to try
Don't be scared to be around me
Cuz I'll never make you cry

Too much of nothing is not enough
You may think it is, but it's just too tough
In the end you'll find the better part of life

Something can come from everything
If you take your time then you just might see
What it is that's the better part of life

Verse 2:
Life doesn't have to be the way that you lead
Just give me a chance and I will set you free
Don't be afraid, just take my hand and walk
Don't be afraid, to start to talk

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
And you've gone for a really long time
Just come to me and don't wait any longer
Cuz I might forget how to rhyme

Chorus (Repeat)

Verse 3:
Don't let everything little thing get you down
Cuz life has a funny way of turning itself around
And I know that nothing can separate me from you
You don't even know for sure what's false and what's true

So just stop
And see
What you
Mean to me

Chorus (Repeat Twice)

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