Paroles Bloody Rainbow de Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston
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  • Artiste: Daniel Johnston22620
  • Chanson: Bloody Rainbow
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Textes et Paroles de Bloody Rainbow

Swirling hypnotic
Disrupts the girl
And the skull-headed spider
The milk was low cal
But what did it matter?
All of her hopes had been shattered
Thrilled to the minute
Bloody rainbow

Away in her chamber
She remembers a love affair
Steamy hot romance
She couldn't care
Looking through her record collection
No one was there
Thrilled to the minute
Bloody rainbow

She's always thinking
Things could turn out right
Like walking the dog
Or flying a kite
Systematic routine blight
All alone and lonely at night
She fell asleep with the tv on
Thrilled to the minute
Bloody rainbow

What a tribulation
There's finally salvation for the dead
It's the good things that they said
It's the good times that really last
We almost have come from the past
Thrilled to the minute
Bloody rainbow

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