Paroles Buzzer de Dar Williams

Dar Williams
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  • Chanson: Buzzer
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Textes et Paroles de Buzzer

Sitting with the number eight platter at the restaurant,
Four twenty-nine for almost anything I want,
Add it up, it's cheaper than the stuff I make myself,
I get by, I never needed anybody's help,
And I tore out an ad and they told me that I
Would press the buzzer, press the buzzer,
At the graduate lab, they were doing some tests,
I pressed the buzzer, pressed the buzzer.

Ride the circle off of the highway.
Spiral into the driveway,
In the maze of old prefabs
They'll be waiting at the lab.

I don't know how everybody makes it through the daily drill,
Paint the nails, walk a dog, pay every bill,
I'm feeling sorry for this guy that I press to shock,
He gets the answers wrong, I have to up the watts
And he begged me to stop, but they told me to go,
I press the buzzer, I press the buzzer.
So get out of my head, just give me my line.
I press the buzzer, I press the buzzer.

Ride the circle off of the highway,
Spiral into the driveway,
In the maze of old prefabs
They'll be waiting at the lab.

They called me back to the lab to discuss the test,
I put my earrings on, found my heels, wore a dress.
Right away I knew, it was like I'd failed a quiz
The man said "Do you know what a fascist is?"
I said, "Yeah, it's when you do things you're not proud of,
But you're scraping by, taking orders from above."
I get it now, I'm the face, I'm the cause of war
We don't have to blame white-coated men anymore.

When I knew it was wrong, I played it just like a game,
I pressed the buzzer, I pressed the buzzer,
Here's your seventy bucks, now everything's changed,
I press the buzzer, I press the buzzer
But tell me where are your stocks, would you do this again?
I press the buzzer,
And tell me who made your clothes, was it children or men?
I press the buzzer.

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