Paroles Open The Gates de Dark Funeral

Dark Funeral
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  • Artiste: Dark Funeral5318
  • Chanson: Open The Gates
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Textes et Paroles de Open The Gates

[Music & Lyrics by Lord Ahriman & Blackmoon]

Oh, mighty lord of the evil realm
Open the gates to your dominion
Save me from this holy light
That makes me suffer like a pig
Satan lead me to your throne
And make me one with hell
I kneel before you dark lord
And swear the unholy oath

Unholy master Satan - make my wish come true
Open wide your kingdom-where all the evil rule
Lord of hell possess my soul
With thousand mad and insane demons
Lock up, the seven gates
And bring out your infernal legions

Lucifer - lead me to your throne
Satan - bless my damned soul
Belial - baptize me in blood
Leviathan - take me to the depths

Open the gates - Satan
Open the gates - Satan
Open the gates - Satan
Open the gates - Satan

Master-cast your spell on earth
Curse the waek disciples, their holy soul must burn
Lord of fire - consume the holy lord
Your black flame of damnation shall purify the world

Lucifer - let the cursed soul burn
Satan - make fire consume the world
Belial - sacrifice thy holy blood
Leviathan - show their lord your wrath

Open the gates - Satan
Open the gates - Satan
Open the gates - Satan
Open the gates - Satan

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