Paroles Dublin Sky de Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes
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  • Artiste: Darren Hayes3012
  • Chanson: Dublin Sky
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Textes et Paroles de Dublin Sky

I've been down a lonely street tonight
And I don't know what's wrong with me
I don't know what's wrong with me
The clouds cover up the Dublin sky
I don't know what's left of me
I don't know what's right with me
And I've tried to keep my distance
And I've sung Amazing Grace
I've tarnished all our memories
But there'll always be a trace of you
Of you

I remember laughing on that river's edge
Trying to get you to jump with me
Trying to get you to fall for me
And your trembling heart it beat so fast
Holdings hands you promised me
Holding hands we counted to three
And I felt your slipping fingers
And I saw you change your mind
If I hadn't dragged you in with me
You would have let me dive without you
Without you

They sent you all the way from Hollywood
And maybe that Dublin sky was changing you
It put diamonds in your eyes
I always thought we were going to make it through
But I wanted to hear it first from you

How many days am I going to regret you?
How many nights till I forget you?
Have I been wasting all those years?
Held down by these tears?
How many dreams have I left deserted?
How many hopes have been diverted?
Have I been buried in the dirt?
Held down by this hurt?

How many loads did I let you hijack?
How many ways can I stand here in playback?
How did I end up lying here
Crying underneath the Dublin sky?

How many days am I going to regret you?
How many nights till I forget you?
Have I been wasting all these years?
Drowning in my tears?

How many nights am I going to regret you?
How many days till I forget you?
Have I been wasting all these years?
Drowning in my tears?

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