Paroles Little Thing de Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band
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  • Chanson: Little Thing
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Textes et Paroles de Little Thing

Oh, hello and goodbye
So fast it's gone
I can't get your face from my mind
Can't get your eyes from my
Can't stop your voices
On that day you told me directions to where I don't know Now
It all flew by me
So all I can do is hope that you
Come my way

Oh, and you're nowhere near me
And wait
That you'll be there and hope that
With luck, I'll see you again

Oh, I didn't get your name
Nor you mine
Or the time of day
But you're stuck on me like a fly on a table
Oh, I'm waiting here where we stood for just a moment

And you stole my way
And I, and I wonder 'will I see you again?'
And way, way
Without the smile, the smile that blows away
The wait is too long
I want this thing to go on
And there's no way that I might find you again
I must walk a while

I'm all released by mine
Bump into each other
It seems so right
And say "hey,
Aren't you the,
Weren't you the,
Don't you think?"

But I don't think it's going to happen that way
I fear you'll remain a dream
Rain, rain on me, yeah, yeah, yeah
Your life is burned
Your life burned into me

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