Paroles Jump In My Car de David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff
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  • Artiste: David Hasselhoff22787
  • Chanson: Jump In My Car
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Textes et Paroles de Jump In My Car

Jump in my car
I wanna take you home
Jump in my car
It's too far walk on your own

(No thank-you Sir)
Ah come on I'm a trustworthy guy
(No thank-you sir)
Oh little girl i wouldn't tell you no lies
(I know your game)
How can you say that we only just met
(You're all the same)
Ooh she's got me there, but I'll get her yet
(I got you there)
No you didn't i was catching my breath, and look it's starting to rain and baby you'll catch your death
(Well i dunno)
Ah come it comes nothing to try and you'll arrive home nice and dry

Jump in my car
I wanna take you home
Come on jump in my car
It's too far to walk on your own

Jump in my car
I wanna take you home
Come on jump in my car
It's too far to walk on your own

(Well maybe I will)
Ah that's better now your talking sense
(But you best keep still)
Well if you like I'll just put up a fence
(No need to get smart)
Well alright we'll soon be on our way
(Well we better start)
What for?
(Becuase it's such a long way)
Well why where'd you live?
(I live down South, It's roughly 85 miles)
Hey slow down you must be joking there behind that cute smile
(Oh no I'm not)
Well if you're not there's only one thing to say
(And what's that?)
Get outta the car get on your way!

Get outta my car
(But you just said that you'd take me home)
Well it's just too far
(But there's no way I can get there alone)
I couldn't care less
(Well maybe I could see you next week)
But you look a mess
(Well look who's talking you've got no right to speak)
Get outta my car
(You told me that you were a really nice guy)
Ooh well I ain't
Well, yeah get outta my car
Get out, get out of my car

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