Paroles I Remember Warsaw de David Rovics

David Rovics
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  • Artiste: David Rovics22820
  • Chanson: I Remember Warsaw
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Textes et Paroles de I Remember Warsaw

First they occupied our country, then they spread their vicious liesEvil propaganda, filled our ranks with double-dealing spiesThey cornered off a reservation and built a wall all around it,Drove us all into this ghetto and our city'd never be as the Nazis found itFirst no one believed it, just what horrors lay in storeThe sound of boots upon the staircase, of leather gloves upon the doorSome of us they sent to labor to slave for them to the last breathMost of us they sent to Auschwitz, half a million people sent to a pointless early deathThere were those of us who worked with them, a desperate effort to surviveEven when our numbers were so few, maybe sixty thousand left alivePeople said we had no chances; by then we all knew they were right It was 1943 and we, the walking dead, made up our minds to fightI remember Warsaw, we stood side by sideThe Star of David flew above the ghetto; there we lived and there we diedWe cleansed the ghetto of their agents, dug a maze of tunnels undergroundWe begged the allies, give us weapons, but empty words was all we foundSo we saved each precious bottle, made bombs of rags and gasoline And in the script of mindless carnage, we waited in the shadows for the final sceneIt was the month of April, the SS came marching inSinging songs to praise their Führer and all his Aryan kinTo see the shock upon their faces, we'd show the world on this dayWe'd not go like sheep off to the slaughter; with the last blood running through our hearts we'd make the devils payAnd I remember Warsaw, we stood side by sideThe Star of David flew above the ghetto; there we lived and there we diedWe had taken our positions, each escape route plannedWe rained down Molotovs upon them, with each retreat another standYes we killed the Nazi bastards, they lay dying by the scoreWe made each scarce bullet count, and as the demons ran we killed some moreFor one full month the battle raged and the word spread all aroundThat it wasn't over 'til every building had been leveled to the groundI am the ghost of the apocalypse and these few words I have to tellLet it never be forgotten, that for four long weeks we fought, we stood up before we fellI remember Warsaw, we stood side by sideThe Star of David flew above the ghetto; there we lived and there we died

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