Paroles F train de David Usher

David Usher
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  • Artiste: David Usher2695
  • Chanson: F train
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Textes et Paroles de F train

Traveled on the f train down
The people press and crowd
They start to fade like footprints worn away
Only stop and still I'm waiting
A thousand faces look the same everyone
A thousand different names
They come on two by two
People fade as people do
Came here of my own volition
Could be my decision
Could be
We may still get by
We may still get by

Wandered down on avenue A
The coffee shops the sweet cache
Of thoughts and words and laughter gone
Never ending stream of what you've
Known so long and long ignored
Don't think so hard just smoke your cigarette
And fade off into blue
'Cause people fade as people always do

Consequence comes crashing in
The scars and scrapes and scratches
All the memories died so long ago
Time is up but still I'm waiting
Came here of my own volition
Could be my decision
Could be
We may still get by
We may still get by
And we may still get by
We may still get by
We may still get by

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