Paroles Imprisoned Sun de Dawn Of Dreams

Dawn Of Dreams
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  • Chanson: Imprisoned Sun
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Textes et Paroles de Imprisoned Sun

I'm walking over the plains
Alone with my sorrow
I want to bury it where you lie
My imprisoned sun, caught in stone

Now my friend the moon
Covers the earth with hies green coat
I can only see one side of you
Where is the other one?

Every time I run around this rock
I realise that you're only an image
A painting with a false gleam
My imprisoned sun, caught in stone

I asked the one who sits next to you
But he's got no mouth, only an eye
That is staring on me hopefully
I thinks this man, he is crying blood

No other man around, no tree, no bush
No water to clean his wounds
I don't even feel a breeze
That helps me breathing
During this cold night

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