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  • Chanson: Children Can Live (Without It)
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Textes et Paroles de Children Can Live (Without It)

I don't want another country
I want ta recognize intent
Of our forefathers when they wrote
Precisely what they meant
Taken on the form of Christian
But the power is denied
In God we trust only when we lust
For the apple of our eye
One nation under God
With morals out of proportion
An end result is murder
Under legalized abortion

Children can live without it
Who's gonna take it away?
Children can live without it
Maybe we'll learn someday
Oh, that we'll learn, I pray

A miracle of God
Now looked on as a choice
It's time for all His children
To unify a voice
With influence in our numbers
And power in out prayer
We must defend the children
And fight for what is fair
What appears to be an upset
Can change its ugly course
And we can do it all
Through Jesus Christ our Lord

(repeat chorus)

O, they can fight, but they cannot win
They can scream, but none will hear them
Don't ya know that our conscience will die
If we take away the freedom to survive?

(repeat chorus 3x)

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