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  • Chanson: Talk About Jesus
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Textes et Paroles de Talk About Jesus

You never told me
But you always said
You'll be here, we'll pray for you
Echoes in my head
I still remember longing to escape
Like a man in prison chains
Is my life in vain

I cry out for you to hear
And I wonder does anybody care
You talk about Jesus, how He set you free
You talk about a Savior, how He died for me
I don't understand it, what you're talking about
All I see is pain when I look around

All I ever wanted, never wanted me
All the dreams that I lived for have left me incomplete
Now I'm still searching, if I could find the truth
But these voices haunting me have left me so confused

(repeat chorus)

When I was cold, did you let me in
When I was hungry, were you my friend
When I was down and out and I needed your hand
Did you see a chance or just a desperate man

(repeat chorus)

Oh you say we're equal, all men are brothers
But why are the rich more equal than others
Yeah more equal than others
Don't ask the answers, I've only got one
When a man leaves his darkness he follows the Son

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