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  • Artiste: DC Talk5096
  • Chanson: WDCT
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Textes et Paroles de WDCT

[Ahhhhh yeah, ha ha!]
W.D.C.T., talk radio
With the sounds that shake them bones
'Cause we're bringing you the funk, the whole funk,
and nothin' but the funk
dc Talk style, [oh yeah] day and night, night and day
And it's me the E, flippin' the wax
So kick back, relax all you little funkadelics
'Cause the train's in the house
Kickin the mad styles for ya
So yo, next up is that little diddy
Off that funky, funky, funky little ablum, "Free At Last"
[It's about time!]
Word, ya know what I'm saying?
[... Been tellin' me it's been comin' out for two years
Been waitin' on this record, man
It's about time you be flippin' instead of flakin']
Brother be flippin'.

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