Paroles Fire de Dead By Sunrise

Dead By Sunrise
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  • Artiste: Dead By Sunrise47406
  • Chanson: Fire
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Textes et Paroles de Fire

No need to hear your voice or see your face to know that you are with me

no need to kiss your lips or hold your hands to know that you can feel me

I know you that can feel me

When I look to the stars I know just were you are

Your looking down upon me (2x)

No need to give up inside the past I know it isn't changing

No need to let you go and say goodbye I know that you'll be waiting

I know that you'll be waiting

When I look to the stars I know just were you are

Your looking down upon me (2x)

On the other side!!

On the other side!

Ive got to find away to keep to keep my pain from running

Down to the ball

Ive got to find away to keep my pain from running; down to the ball!!

Down to the ball!!!!!!!

When I look to the stars I know just were you are your looking down upon me (2x)

(Thanks to Bryan for these lyrics)

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