Paroles Eyes Of The Betrayed de Dead Grey

Dead Grey
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  • Artiste: Dead Grey27988
  • Chanson: Eyes Of The Betrayed
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Textes et Paroles de Eyes Of The Betrayed

Came with knowledge,
The fall of ignorance,
The path of the learned,
Tears apart,
The world we knew,
Ruins of my mind,
Left to burn,
I see what's left,
In your eye's...

Nothing left to hope for,
Except the choices you made,
Weakness and mistakes,
I behold the Eyes,
The eyes of the Betrayed,

Denies a future,
Lost in our ways,
Fragile and brittle,
False hope,
Lost in the maze,
Takes, Over you...

Nothing left to live for,
The trust that I've denied,
My weakness and Mistakes,
You behold the eyes,
The eyes of your betrayer,

But, You are...
Nothing but lies,
Your Love,
Is Darkness, Disguised,
Rests his hand,
Over your eyes,
It's done,
The Betrayer has won,

It's done,
Finally gone,
After years of pain,
Misery's won,
Left in solitude,
Dejected and skinned,
Never believed it,
Never give in...

All there was to hope for,
The lies I've slid away,
My weakness and my love,
I hold the eyes,
The eyes of the betrayed

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