Paroles I Dare You de Dead To Me

Dead To Me
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  • Chanson: I Dare You
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Textes et Paroles de I Dare You

You agreed but now you have changed your mind
The hours keep slippin' from a slope the minutes slide
You don't have forever and you're runnin out of time
And the ugliest face that I can think of isn't on your side

And I may not agree
And technically you're right
But if something doesn't happen soon
We'll have to say goodnight
So I dare you

There's a tear steady grown and soon we will separate
Don't be afraid there's still strings attached
I'll let go if you go first
It seems so silly to say
But here we are with our long laments
In our personal hell covered up with cementy

So who dares who?
I dare you!

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