Paroles Curse The Gods de Destruction

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  • Artiste: Destruction8688
  • Chanson: Curse The Gods
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Textes et Paroles de Curse The Gods

Allah, Buddha, Jesus Christ
whatever your god may be
forget those idols let me tell you
they're tales of morbid brains

everybody thinks he's right
that his gods are the only truth
fanatic faith, fanatic deeds
join my religion or die

jews killed jesus, christs slaughtered jews
millions die for their faith
each religion prays that killing is a sin
how stupid logic can be

curse the gods
too many people have died
curse the gods
that fools have died for a lie

beware of those fools that keep telling you
god loves you, for you his son died
fuck them- believe in yourself
gods reality is just a lie

curse the gods
too many people have died
curse the gods
that fools have died for a lie

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