Paroles Out Of Sync de Devo

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  • Artiste: Devo23273
  • Chanson: Out Of Sync
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Textes et Paroles de Out Of Sync

she's out of sync
and everyone around her
knows that something is wrong
she's out of sync
she's got all the symptoms
of a girl who skipped a beat
she's out of sync
a piece of ancient history
she's a walking mirage .
she's out of sync
she entered through the exit
and never stopped to think
she's out of sync she's a half
step behind
she's out of luck her body split from
her mind
she's out of orbit she'll never connect
she'll run out of time before she
accepts she's out of sync
she's out of sync - - - - (sync)
she's out of sync - - - (sync)
she's out of sync
everybody senses
there s a distance to keep
she's out of sync
and totally committed
to living in a dark age
she's out of sync
constantly undoing
what's already been done
she's out of sync
trapped in a silent movie
and she's on the brink
she's out of focus
she's a warp in time
she's discontinued
a break in the line

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