Paroles Halcyon: The Heavy Silence: In Silent Rain de Diana Ross

Diana Ross
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  • Artiste: Diana Ross2832
  • Chanson: Halcyon: The Heavy Silence: In Silent Rain
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Textes et Paroles de Halcyon: The Heavy Silence: In Silent Rain

Listen: the fragile world is silent
Tongues speak a voice of decay
Of the melting skies and the heavy rains
About the odours of life so distant
We stand as silhouettes of today
Empty as the sky with our bodies vacant

Heavy is the silence of today
This world will fall - our world will fall
Into the silence of today
It will fall as the silent rain

Feel: the presence is a stolen moment
Lost are we in the lives of dismay
Between horizons and the limbo grey
Bloated we swim in the scent
Soon time eats the life away
But, I hope there's a little life in us left


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