Paroles Hustlin de Dj Drama & Lil Wayne

Dj Drama & Lil Wayne
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  • Artiste: Dj Drama & Lil Wayne10942
  • Chanson: Hustlin
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Textes et Paroles de Hustlin

[Intro & Hook: Lil' Wayne & Dj Kayslay]

(Dramatic,Dramatic Nigga) Shoutout My Nigga Rick Ross!!! Shout To
Slip N Slide... Khaled... My Nigga Dj Khaled... Yea... Dedication 2
Thats Right... Drama... I... See Ya...Im So Dedicated Right Now!!!!
(Gangsta Grillzilz)F. Baby!!!... Hot Spitta... 24/7... Mack Mayne... Po' Baby!!!
Ei I Ei I Yoooo!!!!!... (Gangsta Grillzilz)!!!

[Verse 1: Lil' Wayne]
Now What Dey Do You Know Its Wheezy F. Tha Fuckin' Boss!!
Inside Da Phantom,Bitch So Big,Ill Prolly Get Lost(Oh!)
Im 'bout To Exzauhst,In My Funky Comadema
Ill Make Dat Hoe,Tip- Toe Like A Balerina
Im Da Miama Fever,In Da Miama Heat
Hop In Da Miamai Water,Im Like Im Flordia Ballin'
But I Come From New Orlean',Nigga We Still Strong
And My Money Real Long,Real Real Real Long
And Dis My 13th Year,Bitch!!!,Im Still Gone
So My Money Real Long Real Real Real Long
Nigga Dats Still On,Red Beam Safey On
Murder Scene,Take It Off,Red Rum,Tomata Sauce
Niggaz Say Dey Papa Boyz,Bitch I Be Wit Cappa Boyz
I Say We Be Burnin' Bodies,We Don't Be Burnin' Carz
And I Gotta Bitch Wit Me ,Call Her "Bitch Witout Draws"
And Im At Da Bank You Can Call Me "Mr. Withdraw"

[Hustlin' Chorus]

[Verse 2: Lil' Wayne]
(Whip It Real Hard,Whip It Whip It Real Hard!!) On It,And Imma Bring In Da Diana Ross
Singin',Imma Pull It,Imma Bang It Dats Da Nina Ross Singin',I Be Weighin' Da Falock
Wit Dat Rick Ross Bangin' And If You Try Me I Reverse You Now You Kriss Kross
Singin'(Yea) Whips Off Tops Seats Soft Let Her Feat Prop,Heat Cocked,Sumthin' On
My Neck Look Like Peacock Ya Need Not Talk Dats Street Hot To Me I Could Sweet Pop
Like Thousand Dolla Bottles Of Dat Kris Rock, Bitch!! Stop Trippin' I Been Hot
When Not I Been Threw Away What Dey Just Got Niggaz Talk Shit But When I See Em'
Dey Lips Lock ,Bitch!!!, Pop Know I Got Dat Ooh-I- Grip Ha Bitch Shot!!! Bitch I Bet Im
Hustlin' When Yo Nigga Not Bigga Appatite Bigga Pot... Eat!!!

[Hustlin' Chrous]

(Whip It Real Hard Whip It Whip It Real Hard!!!) Call It What Chu Want But Baby Just
Dont Call Da Copz Let Em' Chase Dat Drop,Imma Chase Dat Gwap(Yea) Race Track
Jacket Wit Da Race Track Loaks,(Yea) All Black Mazzaridee, Race Dat Smoke
Imma Crack Dat Egg Open,Beat Dat Yoak Let It Soak Let It Soak ,Watch It Come Back
Broke... (Yea) Den I Hit Da Streetz Up N Talk Dat Talk Let It Float Let Float Neva
Come Back Broke(No) Run Dat Shit Im Ca$h Money Bread N Butta No Suga
Bring Me All Da Beef, Im Da Mothafuckin' Pressure Cooker... (Yea,Yea)
I Could Change Da Wheather 4 Ya Lose Ya Ass Da Neighbors Tell Em' Dats Dey Neva
Saw Ya Close Ya Mouth Ita Be Bedda 4 Ya All Dat Snitchin' To Da Copz Gotta
Metal 4 Ya(Ha) Imma Hustla Got Purp,Hos,And Metal 4 Ya And When Ya Think
Ya Ready Ill Be Ready 4 Ya!!!(Bitch!!!)

[Ontro & Hook: Lil' Wayne & Dj Kayslay]

Shoutout To Da 305,Yea,Dedicaton 2(Whip It Real Hard) Huh? Philly & Miami
I Thought Itol' Dem Niggaz,Dey Got Da Official Shoutout To Mix-Unit
(Gangsta Grillzilz) Yea [Echo]

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