Paroles Motivation de Dj Drama & Lil Wayne

Dj Drama & Lil Wayne
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  • Artiste: Dj Drama & Lil Wayne10942
  • Chanson: Motivation
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Textes et Paroles de Motivation

U Dont Wanna Be Out N Da Streets
Mouth Full Of Blood Soul Full Of Heat
House Full Of Thugs And Da Orders Will Be Like
Dont Leave Till U Get All Of The Keys
Head Full Of Holes And Your Blood On My Sneaks
Like These Is 650 Your Blood Too Cheap
Me Im From New Orleans Where Hustle
And Enough Work To Have Da Cops Husltin 4 Me
Lil City Aint Nuthin Here 4 Free Im An
Uptown Nigga Put My Money By My Teeth
(Cherr) But Its Magic Wen Eva I Hear A Beat But
Give Me 100 Keys Yall Will Never Hear From Me
Young Money Man Da Leverage Is Deep
I Am Better Than I Eva Been Dat Other Shit Was
Weak Fuc Making In Da Industry I Made It Da
Street Now My Arms Ready If U Thinkin U Can See
Me Nigga

U Can Get Got On Block Shot In Da Club Parking
Lot From Da Ak Im Shooting Till My Trigger Get
Hot (Ahh) Pull My Sleeve Over My Head And Then
Spary U Dont No Promblem Wit Revolver Dont
Come N Here Regardless

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