Paroles Nightlife de DJ Hixxy

DJ Hixxy
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  • Artiste: DJ Hixxy34609
  • Chanson: Nightlife
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Textes et Paroles de Nightlife

(Dougal And Gammer Remix)


You cannot run, you cannot hide
Nothing can stop as it grows inside
It takes over your mind as the day turns to night
From dusk through the dawn, until the first ray of light
You cannot explain it, it just takes control as darkness descends
It feeds on your soul
No longer afraid so no longer you fight
Addicted to turning into a creature... of the night

You're never alone as you join with the tribe
Together you meet, forever alive
No matter your creed
No matter your colour
Here you unite side by side with each other
The sounds then begin to fall from the sky
You'll remember the reasons as we start to get high
Time to rejoice, step into the light
Forever... as a creature of the night

Creature of the night...
Creature of the night...
Creature of the night...

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