Paroles Back Da Fuck Back de Dj Paul

Dj Paul
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  • Artiste: Dj Paul13778
  • Chanson: Back Da Fuck Back
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Textes et Paroles de Back Da Fuck Back

(feat. Lord Infamous)

It's on now...You know a lot of folks ask me why
I call myself the king of memphis
Basically cause niggas studying us you know what I'm saying
Alot of shit that we doing niggas want to do you know what I'm saying
We brought the first platinum and gold plaques to the city
We representing the city
We did the first movie you know what I'm saying holding it down
Now all of a sudden everybody want to be a hypnotize minds or hypnotize camp posse
You know niggas want to dis me and talk shit
I show half of these niggas to stay on beat you know what I'm talking 'bout
But it's cool though we can play if you want to play

[verse 1]
I'm a snitch nigga killa 3rd ward gun spitter
Belonged triggas with them hydro shots nigga
I'm the man in the man since before you (yean know)
Rocking shows fuckings hoes waiting for you (yean know)
Riding clean cut green maine before you (yean know)
My old crib money in bank before you
And I'm a pro with a 4-5
Try to test me bitch don't try to make me out a fucking lie
I never go against the fucking grain
But if you cross me first I got to show you I'm a fucking mayn
I had some niggas in my clique that I'm glad they gone
And it's some niggas in my clique that I hate they gone
Cause right here it's 'bout that business not that bullshit
If you winning 'bout that business get the fuck trick
Before I buck trick you better duck trick
Or get ran over by them black fucking trucks bitch

Don't point a gun unless you gonna use it (back the fuck back)
Don't pull a gun unless you gonna do it (back the fuck back)
Don't let a nigga like me beat you to it (back the fuck back)
You better you use it you better do it (back the fuck back)
Back the fuck back nigga back the fuck back
Back the fuck back nigga back the fuck back
Back the fuck back nigga back the fuck back
Back the fuck back nigga back the fuck back

[verse 2]
Sir Lord your highness, majesty, king
Hit the stupid niggas with the boom ping ping
Cut'em down or hold with the sling blade sling
Tape the mouth up so they don't hear you scream
Push you like hulk even bigger than scar
I'ma leave yo ass with a sharp bite mark
Rip off yo sleeve leave off the brakes on you bitch
Trick ass pigeion you motherfucking snitch
Then I take yo ducks then I'll drill then spit them
From these kind of hurts you can't use penicillin
A boy is harder than 4 large chilly
Oh nigga I would love to beat yo ass silly
Every route you run you down on your knezees
Take it to the lord I'll put yo in the frezeeze
My favorite hobby is hiding niggas bodies
A real killa like to work clean not sloppy

[hook x2]

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