Paroles Edward Carnby de DJ Tiá«sto

DJ Tiá«sto
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  • Artiste: DJ Tiá«sto23580
  • Chanson: Edward Carnby
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Textes et Paroles de Edward Carnby

Shto li mesetchinko greeshTa mi makata ogriavashDolu senki se tcherneyatI prekarshvat mi krilataShte li mi zorata vleeNovi sili, giva vyaraDa otlitna, da prehvraknaSas zorata da se sleyaEh, denyat kogat' raztsyfneTchist kato voda ot izvorShte raprysne li tamataNa syrceto mi v noshtite[TRANSLATE]Why are you glowing little moon?To enlighten my pain!Down here the Dark shadowsHave cut my wingsWill The Dawm fulfill meWith vital strenght and belief?To elevate, to be elevated,And with the rising sun, fade away!And when the day will burstFlowing as pure as the water sourceWill it dispel the darknessOf my heart?

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