Paroles Hydro de Dj Whookid

Dj Whookid
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  • Artiste: Dj Whookid14083
  • Chanson: Hydro
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Textes et Paroles de Hydro

(feat. B.G.)

You know how me and Whookid roll
20 inches on a 600 2002 Benzo
Windows limo tinted, chiefin' that straight hydro
G'd up gettin' ben'ed
BG a straight thug nigga
Bout whatever you bout and then some don't give a fuck nigga
Be in the club gettin love dog
Gimme my Henn' in a bottle don't try to play me wit no cup dog
Choppa City hit the scene visious
Get in the way of these killers I guarantee your gon' get it
Seventeen through your fucking fitted
Your suspect right here, B. Gizzle did it
It's goin' down this rip here
And I ain't takin no short I want all ???
And on the real dog smoke something, blow something
Here go the 'gar won'tcha roll something

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon' c'mon
There I go, it's hot kizzle
Look. . .look. . .

I just, pop my collar and tell a bitch holla
And smoke mega pounds of that bubba clot fire
I came on fire, until the day I die all black the attire
Watch dudes who wire, we smoke on Cali dro
Them Choppa City niggas'll show you how to flip a Cali ho
And if you got a problem I'm the problem solver
Get full of that torture, block a headshot from a revolver
I don't like feminine cops, they get mad when I pass
Black nigga in a cinnamon drop
Smoke more weed than timberland trees
I be redder than fox, and if you front I leave you wetter than mops
Go by the rules of the mob bitch, you either rule or roll
Bricks I got, they was shipped and sold
Choppa City in ya area, get cha, bury ya
I pump some lead in ya, blawka blawka blawka

Look, no sticks no seeds, that's what I need
Break it down, cut it stuff it flip it light it and puff it
And don't go to far, puff it and pass
This ain't that trash that you get in them bags
Nigga smokin' that hood shit, don't know bout that good shit
HYDRO is the reason why I'm lettin' my eyes low
The reason why I ride slow, fucked up with no where to go
Why I don't even step foot in the place if I can't blow my dro
Keep that dirt in your grass, you niggas hurtin' your cash
That bullshit ain't even worth the ash
I gotta choke every time I hit it
And my eyes gotta water up every time I take a toke from it
The God gettin' blunted, and when the tint roll down
That underwater smoke creepin' out comin' from it
And if you thinkin' bout smokin' lil girl
You might as well go fuckin' smoke you a 'gar
Don't fuck around nigga

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