Paroles Don't Gotta Go Home de Dmx

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  • Artiste: Dmx2737
  • Chanson: Don't Gotta Go Home
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Textes et Paroles de Don't Gotta Go Home

[Intro: DMX] + (Monica)
I mean we all men, we all men
We know how the shit go.. love one, fuck another
I mean, it is what it is, it is what it is
I mean, we knew what it was, when we became a part of it (yeahh)
Ain't no sense whinin about it now, feel me?
It's like..

[Monica] + (DMX)
There's something on your mind (WHAT!)
I can see right through you
I know your girl been treatin you wrong (YEA!)
But she ain't no good for you
Why do you hold it inside (UHH!)
Boy you should let me know
I just want to make you right
Wanna be the one you could cry on

Baby, it's like I love my wife
But we goin through things and I ain't goin home tonight
You got time for a nigga, or is he still with you?
Wanna meet at the same spot, or should I come and get you?
Aight, I'll be there in 10, be in the front
I been gettin what I need so I'ma give you what you want
One-on-one, cause you know how to talk to Dog
You walk the dog and understand New York is hard, baby

[Chorus: Monica and DMX]
[M] So you, you ain't gotta go home tonight
[M] You can stay right here with me
[D] Uhh.. I ain't goin nowhere
[D] When you wake up I'm gon' be right there
[M] Don't you worry 'bout a thing
[D] I ain't worried about SHIT!
[M] You're here with me
[D] Look, it's like I love my wife
[D] But we goin through things and I ain't goin home tonight, AIGHT?

[Monica] + (DMX)
It's kinda strange, that when you call (mmm)
She's never home
Now you're there all alone
And, you deserve so much more baby (WHAT!)
I can treat you better than she can (WHAT!)
It doesn't make sense
To keep on loving, and keep on trusting
When, in return all you get is nothing

Damn, you got me fucked up and I'm feelin it more
Never had a mis-tress dis-tressed before
Oh come on ma, like it ain't that deep
Like ain't no love there, like I don't hate that I gotta creep
We go to sleep in each others arms (YEA!)
And I feel like this is where I belong
If lovin you is right then I ain't wrong
This is the same ol' song, wife and fam
Gotta be a father and husband but I'm still yo' man, baby


[Monica] + (DMX)
This situation's getting critical (uh-huh!)
I watch so many tears fall (uh-huh!)
I know she's not what you want (uh-huh!)
So why you keep on holding on? (GRRRRR)
When I'm right here (WHAT!)
All you need to do is call (WHAT!)
Don't be afraid (YEA!)
Cause she won't know at, ALLLLLLLLL

[Chorus] - repeat 2X w/ ad libs

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