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Dolly Parton
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  • Artiste: Dolly Parton2684
  • Chanson: Change
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Textes et Paroles de Change

Someday when I'm over you
And when I think I'm able to
Well, I might try to be
Your friend again
But your restless heart
And rovin' eyes
My jealousy, these endless fights
I've got to get out of your life
Or I will never mend

I guess I'll die a bit each day
But I'm always dying anyway
And I don't have the heart to
Stay, and I can't take the pain
I know we've tried to no avail
Our heaven now has
Turned to hell
The same old hurt
We know so well
And something's got
To change

We both know it's got to end
The passion's gone
It's just pretend
And one of us have got
To make the move
We might as well just give it up
We've lost respect and
There's no trust
And without this, there's
No real love
It's just some sad excuse

I guess I'll die a bit each day
But I'm always dying anyway
And there's nothing left but walk away
Ain't this a crying shame
A change of pace
A change of heart
A change of place
A place to start
And we'll be better off apart
Our only chance is change

And we never wil
But something has to change

But someday when I'm over you
And when I think I'm able to
Then I will try to be your friend again
But I don't want to see
Your face 'til then
Change, I need a change
I need a change
We need a change

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