Paroles My Heart Started Breaking de Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton
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  • Artiste: Dolly Parton2684
  • Chanson: My Heart Started Breaking
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Textes et Paroles de My Heart Started Breaking

Love can make you feel just like you own the world
Or it can make you wish you've never seen it
The lips of one you love can give you cause for living
Or tell you things that never really mean it
Once I had a love I thought that it was mine just thought to take it
And all at once he left and all at once my heart started breaking breaking
Judging by my love for him I thought his love for me was just as strong
And all the things he told me I really thought he meant them all alone
He had no plans to carry out all his plans that we'd been making
Cause all at once he left and all at once my heart started breaking breaking
Oh all at once I realized love can be a cruel and hurtin' thing
It can fill your world with sunshine but it can also bring you rain
And I know where the clouds would gather in my sunny sky of love
The rain came down he let me down he left and my heart started breaking

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