Paroles Long Way Home de Don Henley

Don Henley
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  • Artiste: Don Henley4201
  • Chanson: Long Way Home
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Textes et Paroles de Long Way Home

Oh, it's cold and lonely here-
here in this telephone booth
There's three sides to every story:
Yours and mine and the cold, hard truth
I think there's something missing 'round here
I don't know where it's gone
But it's a long way back home

The heat don't work
The toaster don't work
The car don't work
And I guess I know why
This house don't work and this dream don't
work no more
And lover, neither do you and I
I fall asleep with the colors flying
Over sand and foam
But it's a long way back home

And it's a long way back home
And it's a long way back home
It's a long way back home

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