Paroles You Can't Make Love de Don Henley

Don Henley
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  • Artiste: Don Henley4201
  • Chanson: You Can't Make Love
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Textes et Paroles de You Can't Make Love

You can make money, you can make good
You can make mistakes and you can make
You can make it easy when push comes to
shove, but-
You can't make love
You can make advances, you can make
big plans
Plant sloppy kisses all over her hands
You can tell her everything you're dreamin'
of, but-
You can't make love
Love's a little word that been kicked around
Used too much, beaten down
What in the world are you thinkin' of?
You can't make love
You can go through the motions with your
magic spells
Buy all the potions that Fifth Avenue sells
You can try to call down all the stars above,
You can't make love
You can buy her diamonds, you can go out in style
You can make a promise, you can walk
down the aisle
You can make a life for her that fits like
a glove, but-
You can' t make love
Oh, it takes so long
You gotta be strong
Before it's gone
What in the world where you thinkin' of,
You can't make love

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